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Monday, January 4, 2016

A Tale of Two Bills

  Ah the mainstream media. If you knew nothing about them and you had just landed here from Mars, you would think their job is to determine for all of these bumbling Americans what is best for them. You would think that their sole purpose is to tell people what to think, why to think it, and what they need to know and what can be left out. Throw in a healthy dose of lecturing, finger-wagging, and political correctness and their work here is done.
  What is interesting is how they determine who should be treated positively and who gets destroyed. Some of the criteria is business as usual. Liberal Democrats good, conservative Republicans bad, east and west coasts good, Middle America bad, and in 2015 all minorities good, all cops bad.
  But now there may be a problem, and the media’s solution to the problem will be interesting indeed. Recently, GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump stated that if Hillary Clinton attempted to portray herself as an icon of women’s rights and equality during a possible general election matchup between them, he felt that her husband’s indiscretions would absolutely be fair game. Well if you are a dutiful mainstream media zombie, you can’t have that! You will do whatever must be done to cover for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, and if that means a few chicks sacrificed in order for the escapades of Hillary’s husband to not look quite so skanky well, so be it.
  Enter Comedian and Actor, beloved by Americans one and all, Bill Cosby. Most people were shocked to learn of the many women who had accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, some as far back as the late 60’s and 70’s. It was a pretty far stretch to think that Cosby, Dr. Huxtable, America’s family man could have such a side that no one knew about.
  These two cases of very high profile individuals are being treated in the media in vastly different ways. Bill Cosby has been all but convicted by the liberal media, despite a lack of evidence in a lot of the cases. In fairness to the victims, no one is accusing them of lying, and they all tell a very similar story. However many of the incidents are 30 to 40 years old and any evidence would not likely exist anymore. More importantly, Bill Cosby has yet to have his day in court, his right as an American. But tell that to places like the TVLand Network, or any other channel you might have previously found reruns of “The Cosby Show”. Tell that to the numerous universities who have stripped him of honorary degrees. Tell that to any one of the products he endorses. Those entities are not waiting for a court date.
  Bill Clinton on the other hand, continues to be the darling of the Democrat Party. He is geared up and ready to hit the campaign trail for the Mrs. He will get slaps on the back and handshakes. Funny, plenty of women in his case also tell  similar stories. Some even accuse Clinton outright of rape. Way more evidence to go around in the cases of Clinton’s accusers. So what’s the difference? Has the liberal media finally come to a place where they have to decide what is more important, race or politics? It sure looks as though they have, and it sure looks as though which one they have chosen. What blacks, gays, and women must know about the Democrat Party by way of their secretarial pool known as the media is that politics will always win the day. Oh they want you to think that they are the only ones in your corner, the only ones who have your back, certainly not Republicans, but when it comes to protecting the Clintons, you better take your seat in the back of the bus.

  There are rumblings that the Democrats may already be looking at the former president as a liability for Hillary’s campaign. That may be a bit less harmful than the sizeable number of women who have long looked at him as a predator.           

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Political Correctness: That Stuff Will Kill You!

If the Founding Fathers could return today to get a good look at their creation, what would they think? We all wonder what they would think of cars, computers, and thing like that, but what would they think of our stewardship of the rights they so carefully laid out and risked their very lives for?
  America has no doubt surpassed their wildest dreams. For two hundred plus years, people from all over the world have come with the clothes on their backs and what they could carry with them, very often risking their lives for the fresh breeze of freedom and liberty. They knew that once they became Americans they would have the right to things like justice, the right to defend themselves, their families and their property, and perhaps most important of all, the right to speak their mind and speak it freely.
  That precious thing known as the first amendment is first for a reason, because all other rights hinge on its existence. But something has happened to the first amendment. It has become infected. That infection is commonly known as political correctness. As best as we can tell, political correctness, or PC evolved where else but on college campuses inhabited by liberals. The idea, to not “offend” anyone. No one wants to intentionally offend. We get why one does not hurl racial slurs and words of that nature, but when words like, “Merry Christmas”, or anything remotely having to do with God or Christianity enter the mix, time to call the thought police. Then there is the established view that Christians are offensive by virtue of their existence, but the most unpardonable offense of all seems to be offending Muslims. It looks strangely like liberals are quite willing to change every aspect of American life so the people who murdered 3000 Americans in one morning on 9/11 won’t be “offended”. Are you kidding?
  We have now reached the point where P.C. kills. Literally. As the investigation into the horrific terrorist attack in San Bernardino continues, one of the things that the mainstream media really does not like to talk about in polite society is the fact that a neighbor witnessed a large number of middle-eastern men coming and going from the house where Sayed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik lived. She also noticed lots of packages being delivered and lights on in the garage where people seemed to be working late at night. Perhaps this might send up a few red flags to some, and they may think once or twice about making a phone call or two to, well, someone. Not the neighbor! Because, well, there are things worse than terrorist attacks, that would be profiling. You guessed it! The neighbor did not want to be accused of profiling!
  So let’s review. Fourteen people might be alive to celebrate the holidays, remember we can’t say “Christmas”, with their families, were it not for the upholding of P.C. at all costs, and in this case, the cost was enormous.
  The cure for the virus of political correctness is simple. Free speech, free thought, free expression, combine that with a healthy dose of no fear and push back of this insanity. Bottom line, this is a very small group of people that we have allowed to bully us into what amounts to censorship.

  We can only speculate what the founding Fathers might think of what we have become. But chances are, if they were not impressed, they would not be politically correct when they told us.      

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mizzou: Helping to Raise the Next Generation of Wussies

  Most of us at least over 30 and most definitely over 40 can remember a parent saying at least once that “life is not fair”. We mumbled and grumbled about whatever it was and moved on. Most of us were bullied and made fun of. Sure it was not fun and the insults hurt, sometimes to the present day, but again we sucked it up and went on about our lives.
  Fast forward. It is a new day and a new generation. The play-date don’t-hurt-my-self-esteem everyone-gets-a-trophy crowd is all grown up and are now college students. And they do not like it and pout when life is not fair.
  Students at the University of Missouri last week protested over what they say is inaction over racial incidents on campus. They have of this writing succeeded in securing the resignation of three people. There is virtually no evidence to back up the events the protests were centered on, but there is plenty of evidence to back up that this is about something else entirely.
  Back in August, the University announced that it would no longer give healthcare subsidies to grad students. Translation: no more free Obama care. The students, faculty, and teaching assistants all threatened a walk-out over potentially being kicked off of the Obama care gravy train. Three days later, the University backtracked and said it would “defer” the decision until next year.
  Enter Jonathan Butler. Poster child for black privilege, and an MU grad student. Could this have been the beginning of injustice and oppression for Jonathan Butler? Exactly just how long can you expect your family that is worth $20 million to pay for grad school? Eight years? Ten years? Fifteen? No rich kid in their right mind is going to risk that.
  But Jonathan Butler found an even better way to get even with MU. He got a bunch of his friends together and made up some racial stories. Yeah! That’s it! That’s the ticket! Pretty soon every spoiled rotten, got their own way all their life, coddled pansy on campus was ditching class and standing with Jonathan Butler, who by this time was even on a hunger strike to protest the “inaction” of MU President Tim Wolfe. Then the football team jumped on the oppression bandwagon. Because after all, nothing says oppression like athletes with a full ride scholarship.
  The “Mizzou lies matter” agenda has now reached the point where these little angels need “safe zones” to protect them from things like other people’s free speech, because that might scare them and make them uncomfortable. But no fear, the Campus Police said, “Give us a call if somebody is being mean to you and hurting your feelings.” Call the police?!
  Congratulations parents. What perfect little darlings you have raised. While thousands of their peers battle terrorists in God-forsaken areas all over the world every day, your precious little ones might be scarred for life because they heard words they don’t like. You are right, there really is no comparison.
  Last but not least, congratulations Mizzou. What a great group of leaders for the next generation you are training up. All of those 60’s retreads who lead the protests back then are now the instructors, great idea to hire them. Whether you know it or not, your liberal indoctrination is coming back to bite you in the butt. How does it feel?

  America’s colleges and universities are becoming dangerously close to being nothing more than re-education camps. When will it be time to send your kid to get his mind right?             

Sunday, October 25, 2015

When Patriotism Isn't Cool

  When it comes right down to it, young people have a lot on their plate. They are worried about things like college, student loans, paying rent, Facebook and Twitter, the list is endless. How can the average 25-30 year old have time to deal with things like patriotism? Patriotism? Isn’t that for old people?
  That seems to be the trending thought. And if that is the case, it does not bode well for America. There are some experts who will say that your brain has not fully developed at that age. Maybe, there is literally a lifetime of change that takes place between 25 and 45. Most young people just don’t pay attention to politics, and usually know just what Yahoo News will tell them about what is going on in the world, but why has being proud to be an American and being proud of one’s country become so unhip?
  Really the first and only place one needs to look is the American education system. With schools and universities filled with leftover hippies from the 60’s, it is not hard to figure out where the “America sucks” mentality comes from. Also, couple that with the racist, sexist, homophobic narrative that the mainstream media engages in daily and you have one nasty mix.
  Recently, some of my co-workers were asking another co-worker about his impending trip home to India in December. Like the curious Americans we are, they asked about food, holidays, and things of that nature. Through the course of the conversation, they determined that it had to be better than America, because well, America sucks and it is racist blah blah blah, especially with a president like Donald Trump. Did I miss something? Was Donald Trump elected president 7 years ago and that is why America sucks? Where have I been? The ease at which all responsibility and accountability that Barack Obama was relieved of in one sentence was astounding.
  So a bit later I asked him, what are his impressions of America? As a new immigrant 15 years ago, was it what he thought it would be? He said yes that he thought America was a good place with plenty of opportunity for all, and that Americans were good people. I asked about the strict class system in India, and he said that yes it was to an extent still in place. I asked about things like free speech and speaking out against the government. He said that yes some free speech was tolerated but that you could still get an unpleasant visit from government officials if your free speech was deemed just a little too free. Funny, all those “America sucks” folks didn’t think to ask those questions. The one question that I did not get to ask those youngsters was, if America sucks why is the line to get in so much longer than the line to get out?
  While proud of his Indian heritage, my co-worker seems genuinely proud to be an American as well. One of the most important things that immigrants like him can do is to talk to young people and try to convey to them why they came here, why America is the land of opportunity, and that they should be immensely proud of that. Many immigrants tell as many as they can about the horrors of places like Cuba, Russia or China. Those stories need to be told.

  Patriotism is a lot like religion. Sometimes it is the converts that are the strongest advocates.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

No Witches Need Apply

  Well, here we are, my favorite month, October. It is my favorite for so many reasons, autumn, playoff baseball, and the most solemn of days on the Witches’ calendar, Halloween. I thought I would use this month as an opportunity for education, a chance to tell people about my faith, what it is and what it is not.
  What has happened however has been a little education for me. I realize that when I tell people that I am a Conservative Wiccan, heads spin in a Linda Blair-Exorcist kind of way, but I am usually offered a chance to answer a few questions and ultimately, whoever I am speaking with seems to be OK with it, and it appears that they have no fear of me turning them into a toad or whipping up a heavy dose of spells hurled in their direction.  
As Conservatives, we see practically every hour or so, a level of hatred and intolerance from Liberals that we just know cannot be matched, until we wait a few minutes, and then it is. We want the Republican Party and Conservatives in general to be a big welcoming tent for all. We have acknowledged that we at times need a bit of work in this area, always room for improvement right? But as someone who belongs to a minority religion, and one that is often misunderstood, I have found many an open mind and heart among Conservatives.
  In my role as a Blogger and Writer, I do a lot of promotion of my work on social media. I post my work on a lot of Conservative Facebook pages. It is so inspiring to see so many who are willing to stand up and fight to keep our nation the beacon of freedom and liberty that it has been from the beginning, and I am so proud to join in the fight with all of those folks. But not all are happy to fight alongside me.
  Recently, I was told by a Conservative Facebook page that they would prefer that I not promote my radio show there anymore. I was told it only for shows on the network, which I had never heard of, that’s fine. But I was also told they did not want me promoting my faith as well.
  Promoting my faith? It is a political talk show but OK, it is their website, and like a good little Witch, I will abide by someone’s wishes. I just have one question for them. Why do you have a website? OK, maybe two questions, and why do you just want to speak to like-minded people? Isn’t the goal of most Conservatives to get our message out to all? To dispel misconceptions about what we believe to folks who might not really know what Conservatism is all about? No one has said that you must agree with my choice of faith, but if I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, getting our economy back on track, a strong national defense, and an even stronger foreign policy, and backing it all up with Constitutional principle, how am I bothering you? How am I threatening you?
  The beauty of America is that there are as many different Americans as there are differing viewpoints among them. It might sound clich├ęd, but debate is in our DNA. If you are not interested in engaging in discussion, and God(dess) forbid a bit of correction on a topic that perhaps you don’t know as much as you thought you did about, then maybe social media is not the place for you.
  I don't wear flowing black robes, I don't sacrifice children, and I am definitely not a Devil worshipper. Oh I am a Witch alright, but I am also a proud Conservative, and an even prouder American.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Where Are The Conservatives?

  If the beginning is any indication, the 2016 presidential election is shaping up to go down as one of the strangest in American history. General rules of thumb that have been followed for decades are being turned upside down, and there really is no such thing as “conventional wisdom” this time around. It is no holds barred, which means big fun for those of us who observe all the goings on, blog about it, and hope someone will read it.
  For Republicans of the establishment species, things are tough all over, and there is no indication they will get any better. These are the people who were just waiting things out, waiting for the presumptive Republican nominee Jeb Bush to accept from the Party faithful, and proceed onward to a crushing defeat. These are the Karl Rove types, the ones who decide for everyone else who the candidate will be. Their message to American voters, you will vote for Jeb, and you will like it!
  But something happened on the way to the nomination, something big. That something is Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, and there seems to be no in between, a movement has been born, maybe you could call it the Trump Party. Donald Trump has awakened average Americans who are fed up with government in its present gargantuan form, fed up with the politicians who perpetuate the monster that is government and the fact that there seems to be no difference in Democrats and Republicans. The message to the voters of both Parties appears to be, keep the money, the votes, and the power rolling our way, and we will continue to ignore you. At this early stage, it could be that Americans have an alternative plan.
  The divide between establishment Conservatives and Tea Party types is also getting wider. The establishment is not just the big money donors and consultants. It is also the pundits and commentators. These are the talking heads who jaunt back and forth between New York and Washington. They spend their days talking about conservatism on TV or writing about conservatism in columns or on websites. It is rumored that there are conservative politicians in Washington as well, but when they get there something happens, they cave to liberal Democrats and practically become one of them. This is known as “compromise”.
  So where are the Conservatives? They talk about it, they write about it, they are supposed to vote for it in Congress, but where it being practiced? Certainly not on things like the Iran nuke deal, repealing Obama care, or reigning in government spending. They told Americans they would need control of the House and the Senate in order to do what the voters sent them there to do. That is not what has happened. No one with an “R” after their name is willing to challenge this president, a select few maybe. No one wants to rock the boat, be a trouble maker, or be called a racist. Are the politicians just being covered for by pundits and writers who will talk and write about conservatism but not demand any displays of it?
  It is the outsiders who are determining where this election is going. The political class knows that average Americans are loving it and they know they have no control over it.

  Let the fun begin.      

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Who Will Stand Up for You?

     Rowan County Kentucky is not a place used to being in the national spotlight. But that is just where they have been for the past several weeks. County Clerk Kim Davis, a devout Christian, someone who is steadfast in her beliefs, has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, a direct violation, according to the recent Supreme Court ruling, of federal law. What did she get for her trouble? Five days in jail.
  There are a lot of obvious arguments to drag out here. She may have her own religious beliefs, but the law is the law, doesn’t mean you have to like it. If she does not want to fulfill this part of her job duties then she should resign. On the other side there are these, should someone be forced to go against their faith and do something that they do not believe in, in this case gay marriage? How about, whose rights are more important? Is it being suggested that one group’s rights trump the other?
  This is a pretty personal issue for this Blogger. I really have no strong feelings one way or another on gay marriage, the government really has no business in anyone’s marriage, but that is a whole other debate. And while I do not share Kim Davis’s Christian faith, I support her one hundred percent.
  Now that everyone has spit their drink through their nose, you can ask, “Why on earth would a Witch support a devout Christian woman?”
  It is really very simple. It is pretty obvious that the Obama administration, with once again, their willing media accomplice zombies, have decided that Christianity must go, and if they cannot eradicate it completely, they will make anyone’s life miserable who is a Christian. It is perfectly acceptable to discriminate against Christians in 2015 America. So the question is, if it is open season on Christians today, who is next tomorrow?
  Freedom of religion, the freedom to worship as one chooses is the reason we are here as a nation. We do not all belong to the same church, the same denomination, or even the same faith, but that is the beauty of this experiment we call America. Nations all over the world have had religious wars since the beginning of time. That has never happened in America.
  No I am not forgetting that many of my fellow sisters of Goddess worship were burned at the stake, drowned, and done away with in lots of other heinous ways at the hands of people who professed to be Christians. Yes my faith is often misunderstood and maligned by, yes, people who call themselves Christians. But more often than not, many more are just curious. They ask questions, they ask if this or that is true, and I am more than happy to answer their questions because it means I have a chance to educate someone about my faith. That is a gift we should all cherish.
  But the biggest reason I support Kim Davis? What if, in the future, I or one of my brethren is in the same boat? What if we are jailed for our faith? Who will come and stand beside me if that would happen? Christians who know what it is like to be persecuted for just living your faith I would hope. Kim Davis has made me ask the question of myself, would I be willing to go to jail for my faith? I like to think I would. 
  So Kim, you have the unlikeliest of supporters on your side. I realize having a Witch as your cheerleader may not go over well in church. That's OK. As you well know, God works in mysterious ways 


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